Welcome to the First Year Composition blog!

This blog is for you if … you need to remind yourself of writing lessons that went by too quickly during the semester … or you need extra help with a particular topic.

I don’t simply repeat the information from your textbooks, I share my thinking on various aspects of writing.

If you are looking for specific help, try a Search. Can’t find what you want? Maybe I used different keywords. Try looking through the tag cloud on the right side of the Home page.

Unlike the college course software, you can access these mini-lessons at any time this term and in the future. If you found me via means other than one of my assignments, you are also welcome here.

My background: I started out thinking about politics and environmental law, but switched to plant biology and geology majors, with an art history minor as an undergrad. (What can I say? I love science and botanical illustration.)  I spent my first career on the east and west coasts consulting with an amazing variety of biotechnology companies on protein chromatography. (A job far more fun than it might sound.)

Family triggered a relocation to south-central USA, and I went back to college to earn an MA in Rhetoric and Writing. I assumed my science career would tweak in a writerly direction, but the student teaching I did during the degree was too fantastic to give up. Now I teach first-year writing at a community college (and I am still having fun). Come in, y’all, and think about writing with me. In fact, start right here.

Have a suggestion or something to say? I’d love to hear it!
complynn (at) gmail (dot) com

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