The following slides will get you started constructing a persuasion essay. If your subject choice needs a different plan, do that instead.  


Writing is rhetorical:  it is designed speech. If you are like many of my past students, you might dread the responsibility of making your written work rhetorical. You shouldn’t. You already use rhetorical choices in your day to day conversations because you interact with a variety of listeners. You wouldn’t speak to a tax auditor in the […]

Please note:  For some people,  the the Oxford comma is dead. In fact, it lives on in instructors’ classrooms, which is why keen eyes will spot it on the “list” commas slide. That’s it: the six ways. Of course there are plenty of writers who use more than one way in a single sentence. However, your […]

Classic job interview advice:  if asked to lunch, never order the spaghetti. It’s almost impossible to eat it with aplomb. Semicolons are a spaghetti dish. A critical eye can overlook a comma mistake or two without blinking, but a semicolon mistake might as well be red sauce on a white shirt front. 


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